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Alcester Police North SNT. Latest Report. Sunday 11th March 2018

Incidents of note from the last week.

Alcester Police North SNT. Latest Weekly Report. Sunday 11th March 2018

Hello all.

This is our latest weekly report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police North Safer Neighbourhood Team. It has now been Five years since we started our weekly reports and we hope that they have proven useful to you. We thank those that have acted on information in them and to those that circulate them on to local groups, such as NHW.

Incidents of note:-


* *Damage. Bromsgrove Road, Studley. Damage caused to fence panels. Caller believes this may have been done by people trying to break in. Noticed and reported on Saturday 10th March. 0391 10/03/2018

* *Sexual Offence. Crooks Lane, Studley. Caller reporting seeing the driver (White male) of a Silver Focus driving along the road while exposing himself. Full details of the registration number passed to the police and further enquiries being made. Due to the time of the offence the local schools were informed and safeguarding carried out. No further reports received. 8.40am Thursday 8th March. 0077 08/03/2018

* *Suspicious Circumstances. Holt Road, Studley. Navy coloured Land Rover seen parked in the road and not recognised by the residents. Shortly afterwards a Blue Mercedes pulled up nearby and two young males got out and went to the Land Rover. They removed items from the Landrover and put them in the Mercedes. The Mercedes then drove off at speed towards the Bromsgrove Road. It was found that the Land Rover had been stolen from a Residential Burglary in Morton Bagot. (See below). 5.30pm Tuesday 6th March. 0289 06/03/2018 . Good call from member of the public. **If it looks suspicious - it probably is**


* *Burglary Residential. Cottage premises, Morton Bagot. Meat stolen from Freezer. Padlock also broken off outbuilding but access not gained. Overnight 9th & 10th March. 0107 10/03/2018

* *Burglary Residential. Farm premises, Morton Bagot. Dwelling entered and car keys and shotgun stolen. The keys were then used to steal three vehicles from the premises. Red Ferrari 458, Red Jaguar F-Type and a Blue Land Rover Defender 90. Thanks to the suspicions of a resident in Holt Road, Studley the Land Rover was found and recovered. The Ferrari and Jaguar were tracked going north out of the County towards Birmingham. Warwickshire and West Midlands Police, including the Police Helicopter worked together to find the Ferrari and Jaguar which were found parked and unattended in the Wood End area of Birmingham, shortly afterwards. Further enquires are now ongoing to trace the offenders. Found and reported at 5.35pm Tuesday 6th March. 0287 06/03/2018 . Witnesses Sought.


* *Suspicious Circumstances. Wawensmere Road, Wootton Wawen. Two men disturbed in garden to house. The men ran to a Neon Blue Corsa waiting nearby which was being driven by a third man. All three were described as Black males. The Corsa drove off at speed. No offences were discovered. 2.35pm Friday 9th March. 0215 09/03/2018

* *Poaching / Coursing. Wawensmere Road, Wootton Wawen. Two men with dogs seen on private land hunting hares. Both males had orange hi-vis trousers on. Both were from a nearby vehicle described as a white flat backed van with green stripes. Last three letters of registration number 'ODM'. 1.30pm Wednesday 7th March. 0200 07/02/2018


* *Theft. Beaudesert Lane, Henley. Roses stolen from grave. Offenders have cut the Roses off leaving the rest of the stems still in the pot. Caller also reporting that there seems to be litter being left in the cemetery, mostly drink cans. Between 11th & 12th March. 0164 11/03/2018

* *Vehicle Crime - Damage. St Nicholas Close, Henley. Car 'keyed' along the one side while parked at the roadside. Found and reported on the evening of Friday 9th March. 0391 09/03/2018

* *Suspicious Circumstances. Kyte Green, Henley. Wooden gates removed off building site. No damage or further offences reported. Overnight 8th & 9th March. 0064 09/03/2018

* *Burglary Residential. Kyte Green, Henley. Entry forced to building under renovation and items stolen including two extractor fans, one mixer shower unit, and various tools. The gates to the property had been removed and put to one side. Overnight 6th & 7th March. 0090 07/03/2018

* *Suspicious Circumstances. Bear Lane, Henley. Caller reporting a suspicious white van in the area. The letters in the registration number did not look right and the caller thought that the letters may have been altered. The last three letters were similar to 'BVE' . There were two "Asian Males" inside both wearing hi-vis jackets. 6.50am Wednesday 7th March. 0053 07/03/2018


* *Anti-Social Behaviour. Earlswood Lakes, Earlswood. Report from Dog Walker that as a silver vehicle passed them the occupant of the car squirted something at them, possibly urine. 12.45pm Friday 9th March. 0168 09/03/2018

* *Robbery. Store, Umberslade Road, Earlswood. A male wearing a balaclava has entered the shop carrying a crowbar. He has then produced what appeared to be a handgun, pointing it at staff. He has then demanded money from the till which he then took. It is unknown if he had a vehicle. No injuries to staff / firearm not discharged. The male is described as tall wearing a blue wax jacket. Enquiries ongoing. 8.50pm Sunday 4th March. 0363 04/03/2018. Witnesses sought.


* *Burglary Residential. Kington Lane, Claverdon. Window of premises broken and entry gained. Untidy search of house made. IPad, cash, Jewellery and car keys stolen. Between 8.15am and 6.30pm. Tuesday 6th March. 0272 06/03/2018


* *Vehicle Crime - Theft of. Tithe Barn Lane, Hockley Heath. Theft of Ford Fiesta without keys. Taken from driveway to house. Overnight 5th & 6th March. 0071 06/03/2018


Malicious or nuisance phone calls - Nuisance calls are calls that are not indecent, threatening or offensive, but which cause annoyance or anxiety. Silent calls or calls at unsociable hours are two examples. Malicious calls are calls that are offensive or threatening. They may form part of a campaign of harassment - to cause fear and distress. Malicious calls may involve more serious offences such as blackmail or threats to damage property.

General advice

  • *Anyone can receive a nuisance phone call as offenders may dial any telephone number at random.
  • *If you're unsure who is calling you, don't give your name or your number when you answer a call. Just say 'hello?'. A genuine caller is very likely to begin the conversation and identify themselves.
  • *Don't give out personal information about yourself or people you live with unless you know the caller well.
  • *Use an answer machine/voicemail to screen your incoming calls.
  • *After the call, press 1471 on your phone keypad to find out the caller's number. If necessary, callers can still be traced even if they have used the '141 number withheld' facility. Ask your phone service provider for details.
  • *Avoid leaving your name or your number in the opening messages of any answering machines or services that you use.
  • *Don't give your number to a caller unless you know them well. If a caller asks your number, ask them which number they were looking for, then simply tell them if they were right or wrong.
  • *Don't leave messages on your answering machine/voicemail saying that you are out, on holiday or away. Instead, say that you are unable to take the call at the moment.
  • *If you live alone, consider saying 'We can't take your call at the moment', instead of 'I can't take your call at the moment' when you record your answering machine/voicemail opening message.
  • *Having a male voice reading a message on your answering machine/voicemail may also deter some malicious callers.
  • *If you're a single female, don't put 'Miss' in the phone book. If you are a woman, do not give details of your sex or marital status in the phone book. Use your initials instead of your first name.
  • *Consider going ex-directory or changing your phone number.
  • *Make sure that your children know not to give out any personal details over the telephone.

Report malicious / obscene calls - Making a malicious or obscene call is a criminal offence. Don't suffer in silence - report malicious or obscene phone calls to the police.

  • *If you have received several malicious calls in a short space of time, or believe that the calls are related to other criminal activity, please call 101. This is the 24-hour police non-emergency number.
  • *If you believe that you or someone else is in immediate danger, call 999.

Various laws can be imposed against people who make malicious calls or send malicious messages. If calls are severe and persistent, then prosecutions can be made under harassment laws. The chances of prosecution and higher penalties increase where offences are made more serious by other factors, such as racism. In cases where psychological harm to victims has been severe, callers have been charged with causing actual or grievous bodily harm.

Report nuisance calls - Nuisance calls can often be resolved without the police having to get involved.

  • *Call the Nuisance Call Bureau - 0800 661 441.
  • *Call the BT advice line - 0800 666 700 - you will hear a recorded message which runs 24 hours a day.
  • *Or call your phone service provider.

If the nuisance calls persist and you believe that the calls could be related to other criminal activity, or if they cause the victim particular distress, the police may consider investigating them as potential harassment.

What to do if you receive a nuisance call

  • *Never react, argue or get involved in a conversation. Don't give nuisance callers any satisfaction. It's your phone, in your house - you are in control, not the caller.
  • *Put the handset down near to the phone and walk away. Return in about ten minutes and replace the handset. This is very frustrating for the caller and you probably won't be bothered again. Every call they make increases their phone bill.
  • *Tell your family and those who live with you about the nuisance call. Make sure that they know how to use the phone safely and how to handle any nuisance calls that they receive. This also applies to malicious calls.

What to do if you receive a malicious call

  • *Keep calm. Try not to sound anxious or distressed. Sadly, most malicious callers enjoy the feeling of causing distress to their victims - if you deny them that feeling then they are less likely to continue.
  • *Do not enter into a conversation with the malicious caller or respond to them emotionally.
  • *If they are silent, do not try to persuade them to speak.
  • *Take control. If the phone rings again, wait for any callers to identify themselves before you speak. Genuine callers will speak fist. If it is the malicious caller, put the handset down calmly and ignore it for a few minutes before hanging up.
  • *If you can, unplug your phone (and any extension phones) for a short while afterwards.
  • *Keep a record of times and dates that you receive the calls. Keep pen and paper next to the telephone to note what was said, and any other features that you notice about the calls - background noise, for example.
  • *If you receive a malicious call to your mobile phone, keep a record (as above) and keep all caller numbers or IDs - don't delete them.
  • *Don't delete any malicious message that you receive on your answering machine/voicemail. If your service provider only saves voicemail messages for a limited time, find out what these time limits are.


Arden Community Forum / Alcester North SNT Priorities- Poll live. The latest Poll is still live and will finish on the 15th March. Please visit the link below to cast your vote. The three suggestions with the most votes will be set as Priorities for the next three months.

These suggestions are a mixture of local crime trends and concerns raised by residents. The targetted patrols are extra to the normal duties carried out by the Team and any other Officers that may be working on the area. The demands on the team can obviously differ from day to day.



Published 12/03/18