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Focus on businesses as part of Warwickshire's CSE Awareness Week

Warwickshire has a multi-agency team to tackle child sexual exploitation in the county.

Today Warwickshire Police, Barnardo's and Warwickshire County Council are raising awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE) to the business community, including hotel groups, taxi companies and licensed premises.

Something's Not Right - businesses
Something's Not Right - businesses
 Something's Not Right
is the awareness raising campaign with the purpose of helping business owners and their employees identify potential victims of CSE and where necessary alert the team to intervene prior to any young person coming to harm.

Businesses such as hotels, licensed premises and taxi companies in Warwickshire are provided with awareness training to recognise the signs of CSE, they are directed to call 101 should they suspect suspicious behaviour or activity on their premises or in their vehicles. Our call handlers have received specialist training to identify calls relating to child sexual exploitation and provide the appropriate advice and police response.

The multi agency team has trained nearly 1500 licensed taxi drivers and more than 150 people working in licensed premises across Warwickshire.

Although sexual exploitation isn't easy to spot there are signs to look out for which could indicate it is taking place.

  • Adults befriending young people and buying them food, drinks and cigarettes.
  • Adults buying alcohol which you suspect is for someone under 18.
  • Girls or boys with older men or women who appear to be behaving in an intimate way.
  • An adult buying a young person presents such as jewellery, clothes and phones.
  • Unusual behaviour of people travelling together, especially if there are adults with young people.
  • Young people being picked up and taken to hotels particularly young people at odd times of the day and night.
  • Adults putting a young person who may be under the influence of drink and drugs into your car.

The important thing is not to ignore suspicious behaviour and if Something's Not Right report it to police on 101.

Please remember your observations and phone call could make all the difference to an exploited child.

Issued: 09:50 Monday, 12 March 2018  HB, Corporate Communications

Published 12/03/18