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House Burglaries, Kingsbury

Police are appealing for information after two attempted in burglaries in Kingsbury on Wednesday 10th January 2018.


The first property was attacked on Laburnum Close, Kingsbury, B78 between 8.50am and 6.30pm. Offenders have attacked the rear patio doors to the property using an implement to attempt entry. No entry was gained and minimal damage was caused to the property. It was believed that the offenders wanted a high value vehicle, which was parked on the driveway.

The second property on Elm Tree Close, Kingsbury, B78 was attacked at around 5.40pm so it is believed that the other property was attacked at roughly the same time. Like the first property there were marks on the back door, once again the offenders left empty handed but not before causing damage to the rear patio doors. On this occasion a Red Peugeot 206 was seen leaving the area at high speed.

In both cases Scenes of Crime Officers have attended the locations and have conducted an extensive forensic search for evidence. In both cases the quality of the rear patio doors has prevented these thieves from getting access to the properties.

These two burglaries have obviously created a great deal of anxiety in Kingsbury and we would urge people to take this opportunity to review their own security around their homes. Warwickshire Police in conjunction with Warwickshire Rural Watch have created a great series of information leaflets on how to secure your home, this information leaflet can be accessed here >> Warwickshire Rural Watch however we have taken are a few important points about home security here.

• If you are installing new doors and windows get ones that are certified to British Standard BS 7950 (windows) or PAS 24-1 (doors).

• Window locks especially on older windows will help stop people getting in

• Securely lock all doors and windows before leaving the house. It's easy to forget when you're in hurry, but it's the simplest way for a burglar to enter your home.

• Never leave keys anywhere near the front door, including your letterbox; burglars know where to look.

• A home that looks empty is far more likely to be targeted by a burglar, so it's worth making sure your home looks occupied

• Use automatic timer-switches to turn on a light and perhaps a radio when it goes dark, even if you are just out for a couple of hours

• If you're away for longer periods of time, cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries.

• Why not ask a neighbour or relative for help could they clear the post away from the door mat and open and close the curtains.

• Visibly and permanently marking your belongings helps you and the police identify them if they are stolen. It can also make it difficult for the thief to dispose of the property (see property marking fact sheet)

• Prevent easy access to the back and sides of your home by installing locked gates, 2 metre minimum fencing or walls. Trellis topping also makes climbing difficult.

• Security lighting can be used to make offenders feel vulnerable and  observed. It is suggested that you use dusk to dawn lighting.

• Visible burglar alarms are a deterrent there are many to choose from (see fact sheet on alarms)

• Fit padlocks and hardware to shed and garage doors.

• Make sure that passers-by can see the front of your home. Remove and secure items that may be used to break in or climb up such as ladders and garden tools

• Beware of bogus callers; use your spy hole and a door chain until you have seen their ID and are satisfied you want to let them in

• Never discuss your security requirements or existing arrangements with a doorstep caller or salesperson

• Work with your neighbours to keep an eye on each other's security, Neighbourhood Watch groups are good for this


Both Burglaries are being investigated by Bedworth Police Station

WK201801100313 is the incident number for Elm Tree Close

WK201801100324 is the incident number for Laburnum Close


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Published: 2119 120118

Published 12/01/18