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The two main types of explosive certificate are Acquire Only and Acquire & Keep.

Acquire Only
Acquire Only allows you to acquire a designated amount of explosives (e.g. 2 kilograms) from an approved supplier for use on that day only. Any unused explosive must be returned to the supplier or destroyed in an approved manner.

Acquire & keep
Acquire and Keep allows you to stores explosives at a specified location for the duration of the certificate. The maximum amount of explosives that may be stored will depend on the nature of the explosives and the construction of the store. A Registered Competent Authority document (RCA) allowing you to transport the explosives is also issued as part of the explosive certificate.

Further information can be found at and (Schedule 7, Parts 2 & 3)


Application Forms:

pdf icon Form ER2 - Application for a Storage Licence under the Explosives Regulations 2014 [251kb]

pdf icon Form ER4 - Application for an Explosives Certificate as a Club, Company, Powder Master or Users [419kb]

pdf icon Form ER4A - Application for an Explosvies Certificate as an individual [293kb]

pdf icon Form ER4B - Application for the renewal of an Explosives Certificate at the same time as renewing a Firearms or Shotgun Certificate [284kb]