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Inappropriate emergency calls

When to call 999

PPhone 999 only if:
OOffenders are nearby
LLife is at risk
IInjury is caused or threatened
CCrime in progress
EEverything else call 101

'Is Marks and Spencer open on Sunday? My wife wants a new dress'

'I want to report my husband for not washing the pots up'

Inappropriate 999/112 calls are those which relate to 'non emergency' situations, outside the definition of 'A genuine emergency (999/112) call'

A genuine emergency is one relating to any incident or occurrence in which:

(a) Life is threatened

(b) Persons are injured

(c) Offenders are nearby

(d) Immediate action is needed

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police will on receipt of an inappropriate 999/112 call, politely but firmly advise the caller of the correct number or agency to contact.

Should the caller persist after the advice has been given, he or she will be told it is our intention to terminate the call. Once a warning has been given the call will be terminated.

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police also receive deliberate 'hoax calls' which take up vital time and cause a delay in answering and dealing with genuine emergencies. These callers could face prosecution.