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Success celebrated at Warwickshire Chief Constable's 160th Anniversary awards ceremony

The service and dedication of officers and staff from Warwickshire Police as well as members of the public has been recognised at a special 160th Anniversary Awards Ceremony.

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The Warwickshire Chief Constable's Awards evening took place at the Town Hall in Leamington Spa on Thursday evening, 9 November 2017.

Awards were presented by the Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police, Martin Jelley, The Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire, Tim Cox, The High Sheriff of Warwickshire, Mark Davies and Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe.

Photos from the evening

Chief Constable's Commendations were awarded to 31 people including members of police staff, police officers, special constables and the public. These include - Michele Callaghan, DC Hazel Charlton, Mark Truman, Lisa Windridge, Michael Williams, PC Anthony Ryan, Marc Bailey, Sgt Dominic Martin, PC Jonathan Davies, PC Craig Marshall, PC Murray Young, PC Jonothan Toms, PC Al Hepburn, Carolyn Went, Andrew Gallacher, DC Katherine Jackson, Det Sgt Collette O'Keefe, Lorne Quiney, Karen Powell, Supt David Gardner, PC Lloyd Walton, PC Ben Hood, PC Jeffrey Goodwin, PC Jamie Chilton, SC Michael Bliss, PC Carl Ramsay, Jeff Hobday, Matthew Biddle, and Andrew Went. (Please note some names have been omitted due to a request for no publicity.)

On Monday 22 May 2017 PC 1160 Jamie Chilton whilst off duty travelling from his home address came across a road traffic collision in Warwick. Without hesitation he went to offer assistance at the collision and found the male driver of the vehicle unconscious. PC Chilton took control of the situation commencing CPR and asking others at the scene to locate a defibrillator. A defibrillator was located and PC Chilton continued to give first aid to the male until an ambulance arrived and took over. The injured male made a full recovery in hospital. Without doubt it is the quick and positive actions of PC Chilton that not only saved the man's life, but also meant he made a full recovery. The man's family passed their thanks on to everyone involved for enabling them to have more time to spend with their dad.

Special Constable Michael Bliss and PC 1691 Murray Young attended Shustoke reservoir in the early hours of June 2017, following a call from a neighbouring force in relation to concerns they had for a missing person. On arrival, after it became apparent the person was in the water, PC Young and SC Bliss made the decision to jump into the reservoir. PCs 1608 Jon Toms and 50 Carl Ramsay shouted directions to both officers in the water, as it was pitch black. This resulted in the person being safely brought back to the shore. The officers were all commended for their bravery and exemplary conduct in protecting a vulnerable person.

The instincts of PC 969 Al Hepburn helped save the life of a vulnerable person. When PC Hepburn arrived at an over bridge of the M42, a woman was found holding onto the railing over the live road below. PC Hepburn ran to the female and took hold of her arms lying on his stomach to give himself maximum strength and stability. Putting himself at great risk by taking hold of her until assistance arrived. An unknown member of the public joined him enabling him to use one hand to update control. PC Hepburn held on to the individual for three minutes until another unit arrived when there was sufficient to pull the female over the barrier and to safety. Warwickshire Police want to be great at protecting the most vulnerable and PC Hepburn demonstrated how this can be done. He displayed courage, calmness and commitment in testing circumstances. His selfless actions helped the woman and protected her from harm.

Four members of the public and two police staff were commended for their actions in apprehending an offender who was later charged with an armed robbery at the Post Office in Bishops Itchington on 9 August 2017 and a number of other robberies for which he and other offenders have received a custodial sentence.

Matthew Biddle saw the offenders wearing facial coverings waiting in the getaway car with the engine running and assisted Andrew Went in trying to detain the offenders but was unsuccessful as the getaway car sped away. Members of police staff Andrew Went and Carolyn Went challenged the third offender as he left the Post Office, but he ran away. Jeffrey Hobday and a friend who does not wish to be named were alerted by other members of the public to the robbery and that an offender was still at large armed with an axe. Jeff and his friend searched the area and found a man matching his description nearby although he had removed his jacket and face covering to change his description. At the same time another member of the public who does not wish to be named was following the suspect in his car, calling the police to relay information. At one point the suspect attempted to steal his car by threatening him with the axe. Jeff, his friend and Andy Went detained and restrained the suspect until police arrived. All six individuals used their quick thinking and put their own safety aside when they acted with bravery and courage in pursuing and detaining a dangerous armed offender.

PC Lloyd Walton was commended for his bravery and prompt action in restraining a violent male who was under the influence of drugs in November 2016 in Nuneaton. PC Walton sustained injuries to his jaw having been punched by the male while he protected a female PCSO who had been punched to the face and head. The male had also attacked a paramedic. With no regard for his own safety, PC Walton placed himself between the violent male and those trying to save an unconscious man's life, restraining him on the floor until support arrived. In PC Walton's absence, the incident would no doubt have resulted in further injury and possible loss of life.

Supt David Gardner was commended for his leadership in designing and implementing the Integrated Victim Management approach which has led to Warwickshire Police achieving victim satisfaction levels that have never previously been achieved in the history of the force. This work has been recognised by the HMIC and other forces across the UK.

PC Anthony Ryan's was commended for his dedication, determination and professionalism that has embedded the Domestic Violence Protection Orders process within Warwickshire, ensuring that the most vulnerable victims in society are protected from those that seek to cause them harm. PC Ryan has developed excellent working relationships with the internal teams and external agencies and helped develop a process and structure that is now seen as best practice across the alliance.

Member of police staff Karen Powell was commended when she went above and beyond to help a victim of domestic abuse. The victim spoke very little English but sensing something wasn't quite right during a telephone conversation Karen used her own time and money to travel to assist the victim who lived in Nuneaton. Through this second face to face visit the victim felt confident enough to disclose that she had been subject to very serious domestic abuse for several years. It became apparent the victim had no access to money as the offender had control of her finances and Karen took it upon herself to make sure that the victim had enough provisions until contact was made with the relevant parties to support her. Karen used her own money and went way above and beyond what was expected of her in her role to support a vulnerable person. Due to her efforts the victim felt confident enough to speak to police about the domestic abuse she was a victim of, which enabled her to receive the appropriate help and support.

Richard Woodcock, a retired Police Inspector was recognised for his work in respect of the Warwickshire Police History Society receiving the Chief Constable's Certificate of Appreciation.

Meanwhile Long Service Awards were given to PC Catherine Morgan, PC Hayley Reader, PC Clair Neail and Sgt Jeremy Mountford after they were recommended to the Home Secretary for the award by the Chief Constable. To receive the award, an officer must have served for the qualifying period of 20 years, and during that period their character and conduct must have been honourable.

Two volunteers also received Long Service Medals at the ceremony. Special Constable Brendan Hearne and Specials Inspector Daniel Barnes were commended for their dedication to the people of Warwickshire.

Special Constable Mark Simpson received the High Sheriff Special Constabulary Award in recognition for his outstanding contribution to Warwickshire Police and in particular protecting people from harm within the community.

Long Service Certificates were awarded to four police staff members - Sally Cottrell, Joan Wheeler, Nicola Hodges and Matthew Toone who have all completed 20 years part time or full time service.

The final award of the evening was also a first. PC Martin Rone-Clarke received The Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire Award for Excellence in Policing and Community Safety - a new annual award recognising outstanding performance delivered over a sustained period of time - from Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe who also closed the evening. For more information please click here

Speaking afterwards, Chief Constable, Martin Jelley, paid tribute to the award winners.

He said: "In our 160th Anniversary year, I am incredibly proud to have been able to present these awards in recognition of the hard work and dedication of not only our officers, staff, and special constables but also of members of the public.

"As a force, we do everything we can to protect our communities from harm and I'm delighted to hear some of the extraordinary efforts of those who have gone above and beyond while in the line of duty.

"It is also wonderful to have the opportunity to recognise brave members of public and I would like to congratulate them, along with everyone else for their actions.

"All the recipients are thoroughly deserving of their awards and I am delighted to recognise these achievements."

Warwickshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Philip Seccombe, added:

"These awards evenings are always uplifting and inspiring occasions.

"It's very pleasing to see the hard work and dedication of officers and police staff being recognised, alongside members of the public who have shown great courage in moments of adversity.

"I offer my congratulations to each and every person who received an award."

Photos from the evening

Please follow this link to view the 37 images directly on flickr

Published 10/11/17