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Missing people

The report of a missing person is different to the many other incidents to which the police are called.

Warwickshire Police receives in the region of 7,000 missing person reports each year. Many are adults who have chosen to go missing however some individuals are more vulnerable because of their age, health or the circumstances they find themselves in. The majority of people return safe and well.

Whatever the reason a person goes missing, their relatives and friends are left desperate for news that they are safe and well. Agencies such as Missing People ( - call or text 116000) are an invaluable source of help and support for all, family, friends and the missing person.

Police will assess the circumstances surrounding the persons' disappearance to decide whether the person is absent or missing.

Absent means - "A person not at a place where they are expected or required to be."

Missing means - "Anyone whose whereabouts cannot be established and where the circumstances are out of character or the context suggests the person may be subject of crime or at risk of harm to themselves or another."