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HGV Drivers' Hours

Driver hours rules for good vehicles in the UK and Europe

There has been a spate of thefts from commercial vehicles where the target has been the new digital tachographs. It is now believed that there is ready market for these due to the recent change in drivers hours rules in December 2012.

Each tachographs is calibrated to a particular vehicle and when removed will maintain a record of certain details of that vehicle including the VRM, the vehicle VIN number and chassis number. To remove this information the tachographs should be taken to an approved calibration centre.

It is thought that some drivers will simply insert the tachographs into the cab of their vehicle relying on the fact that most police officers will see the tacho present and not examine it fully and the fact that the tacho is stolen will only come to light if the vehicle is involved in a serious incident.

In light of this it is requested that whilst on patrol officers stop check vehicles that fall into the categories shown and examine any tachographs that may be fitted. This may identify stolen tachographs and assist with enforcing the new regulations.

For further information regarding the Drivers hours Regulations please go to the Department of Transport Website.