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Statement following national media coverage about car theft

Earlier this week there was national media coverage about the rise in car theft in Warwickshire. This was on the back of a press release put out by the RAC which showed that with a rise of 189%, the increase in car theft in Warwickshire between 2013 and 2016 was the highest in the country.

This data was provided by the force in response to a Freedom of Information request. After reviewing the data it was established that the data provided for 2013 was incomplete. Therefore there would have been more car thefts reported in 2013 and the rise to 2016 would not have been as high.

Superintendent Ben Smith explained:
"Data that was recently released as part of a Freedom of Information request regarding vehicle crime showed that there were 95 car thefts in Warwickshire in 2013 and that this rose by 189% to 275 in 2016.

"Having looked into this we can confirm that due to a change in recording on 1 April 2014 this figure is incorrect and there will have in fact been more such incidents in 2013 and therefore the increase in offences will not have been as large as highlighted.

"Due to the way the data was transferred over to a new system in 2014 we unable to use this new system to say how many car thefts there were in 2013."

The force has contacted the RAC to provide them with updated data and apologise for the inconvenience caused.


Posted by Sam Cook, Operational Communications Officer

Published 28/09/17