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Remove the opportunities for burglary

Burglaries are often committed by opportunist thieves. This section gives a range of measures that can be put in place to prevent a burglary but once in place they must be adopted at all times. You may think you are secure, however, it's possible to get into a routine and not realise the opportunity you are presenting to a thief.

These are some of the common errors:

  • leaving doors open when working in the garden
  • leaving doors unlocked when watching television
  • leaving windows open in areas that are accessible to a thief, such as a flat roof or rear window next to garden furniture that can be used as a climbing aid
  • not locking up last thing at night assuming that someone in the house has already done it
  • in hot weather leaving downstairs windows or doors open.
  • just popping to neighbours and leaving the door unlocked

You will find further information in the related sections.