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Online crime

Advice on preventing, recognising and reporting online crime

Online crime (or cybercrime as it is often known) is simply a crime that has a computer or 'cyber' aspect to it.  Online crime can affect desktop computers, laptops, tablets, home networks, smartphones or any device which now uses an internet connection

It's estimated that online crime costs the UK around £6.8 billion a year and the world economy around £266 billion a year. These figures are huge, and a bit impersonal, so the question is - how does online crime affect me?

The effects of online crime can range from malware, including viruses, making your brand new computer useless, to the theft of substantial amounts of money from your bank accounts or even the theft of your online identify.

Your children could become victims of 'cyberbullying', be sent unsuitable material or exposed to content intended for adults.

As a business your reputation could be tarnished, your ideas stolen or your customers personal details exposed.

By taking some simple precautions you can substantially reduce your chances of falling victim to online crime.