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Alcester Police North SNT. Latest Update. Sunday 10th September 2017

Incidents of note from the last week.

Police Officer

Alcester Police North SNT. Latest Update. Sunday 10th September 2017

Hello all.

This is our latest report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police North Safer Neighbourhood Team. Thank you to those that have contacted us this week.

Incidents of note from the last seven days:-


· *Suspicious Circumstances. Castle Road, Studley. Person in van collecting scrap from houses. Seen to look on driveways etc. Last three letters of registration number was 'FGX'. Driver described as an Asian male, wearing a leather jacket. 11.10am Saturday 9th September. 0188 09/09/2017

· *Burglary Business. Poplars Industrial Estate, Studley. Business premises broken into and approx. £30,000 worth of Fishing equipment has been stolen. Intelligence from the scene suggest that three persons have broken into the property by forcing open the security shutters. They have then stolen fishing rods and reels. The offenders have then returned to the property at around 4am in the morning to collect other items they had left outside. Overnight 7th & 8th September. 0068 08/09/2017

· *Theft. Allendale Crescent, Studley. Two pedal cycles taken from front of house. A scrap dealer was in the area at the time but it is unknown of they took the bikes. Dark Blue Mongoose BMX and a Purple child's 'Puppy love' cycle. Between 5th & 6th September. 0133 06/09/2017

· *Burglary Residential. (Car Key Burglary). St Martins Avenue, Studley. Offenders have gained entry to house while occupants were asleep upstairs. They have stolen cash and two sets of car keys. A VW Caddy was then also subsequently stolen from outside the premises. Overnight 5th & 6th September. 0076 06/09/2017

· *Suspicious Circumstances. Castle Road, Studley. Two Male with Irish accents trying to sell tools from the back of a van. The registration number contained the letters 'HG'. The van eventually drove off towards Mappleborough Green. 12 midday Monday 4th September. 0134 04/09/2017

· *Attempt Burglary Residential. Green Lane, Studley. Offender(s) have tried to gain access to house by trying to force open rear doors and also the window. Access not gained. Nothing stolen. Reported Sunday 3rd September. 0306 03/09/2017


· *Theft. Stores, Stratford Road, Wootton Wawen. Thirty Eight bottles of milk stolen from the front of the store. Intelligence from the scene suggest that the offenders were two males in dark clothing. One had a body warmer and hood the other was wearing a baseball cap. 4.10am Thursday 7th September. 0132 07/09/2017


· *Suspicious Circumstances. Farm Premises, Preston Bagot. Driver from a Blue BMW 3 series seen looking over fence of private property. When challenged he got back into the car and drove off at speed. There was at least two people in the vehicle. The last three letters of the registration number was similar to 'WWK'. The driver was described as a white male, 30's, 6', wearing a blue hoodie, beanie hat and steel toed boots. 4.30pm Tuesday 5th September. 0261 05/09/2017


· *Suspicious Circumstances. The Green, Tanworth. Blue Mercedes Van seen acting suspiciously in the village by an off duty police officer. When challenged by the officer the two males in the van drove off at speed. The last three letters of the registration number was 'KUJ'. Full details given to the police. Occupants described as a Black Male and an Eastern European Male. No offences disclosed in the area. 8.30am Monday 4th September. 0051 04/09/2017


· *Suspicious Circumstances. Malthouse Lane, Earlswood. Red Fiesta with tinted windows seen driving up and down the road. 12.50pm Sunday 10th September. 0162 10/09/2017

· *Burglary Residential. Malthouse Lane, Earlswood. Three garden sheds broken into and items inside 'ransacked'. Not sure if anything stolen at time of report. Overnight 9th & 10th September. 0124 10/09/2017

· *Vehicle Crime - Theft of two cars. Valley Road, Earlswood. Keys to the vehicles were taken in a previous burglary. The offenders have returned and used the keys to take the cars. Reported 2.50am Saturday 9th September. 0052 09/09/2017

· *Theft. Malthouse Lane, Earlswood. Theft of two Northumberland Stones from the verge. Overnight 3rd & 4th September. 0226 08/09/2017

· *Burglary Residential. (Car Key Burglary). Valley Road, Earlswood. Offender(s) have climbed onto a garage roof and have entered the house through a first floor window. While inside they have made a search of the rooms stealing jewellery, passports, car keys and a small safe. Between 8.30pm 7th & 1.20am 8th September. 0023 08/09/2017

· *Damage. Earlswood Common. Offender(s) have thrown something at a ground floor window smashing the outer pain. Probably with the intention to gain entry. This wasn't done and nothing was stolen. 9pm Wednesday 6th September. 0423 07/09/2017

· *Burglary Residential (Car Key Burglary). Malthouse Lane, Earlswood. Offender(s) have thrown a brick through the rear patio door window to gain entry. They have then searched the whole house, stealing cash, jewellery and car keys for a BMW and Citroen. These cars were then also subsequently stolen from outside the premises. The Citroen was later found by West Midlands Police in Ladywood. Between 7pm and 11.30pm Tuesday 5th September. 0101 06/09/2017

· *Damage. Earlswood Common. Rear lounge window smashed by unknown persons. Probably with the intention to gain entry. This wasn't done and nothing was stolen. Afternoon of Monday 4th September. 0335 04/09/2017


· *Suspicious Circumstances. High Croft, Claverdon. Three white males in a White Iveco Van seen acting suspiciously on private driveway. May have been looking for scrap. The last three letters of the registration number was 'EMO'. Full details given to the police. 2.30pm Tuesday 5th September. 0204 /05/2017

· *Burglary Business. Manor Lane, Claverdon. Farm buildings entered and items stolen including saddles, chainsaws, strimmer's and a Quad Bike. The offenders have come across fields in order to access the property and have used wheelbarrows to transport the stolen items to a nearby vehicle. Overnight 3rd & 4th September. 0037 04/09/2017


· *Vehicle Crime - Theft from. Pub car park, Wythall. VW Transporter van broken into. Person was seen cutting the door skin around the lock in order to gain entry. Various tools stolen. Evening of Sunday 3rd September. 0366 03/09/2017


· *Suspicious Circumstances. Hotel car park, Stratford Road, Hockley Heath. Person seen trying the door to a works van. Entry not gained. Person drove off in a red Ford Focus with a registration number ending in 'UEW'. Full details passed to police. 10.30pm Monday 4th September. 0467 04/09/2017


Published 10/09/17