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Planning public events

Organising events

The following pages are designed to provide help and guidance for organisers of public events. It is not an exhaustive guide, but will hopefully provide direction to organisers.

  • Organisers' responsibilities

    The organisation of a public event is a considerable responsibility

  • Public events

    Police powers are limited - before organising a public event make sure you understand who is responsible for public safety

  • Public processions

    What does the law say?

  • Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

    The SAG should be chaired by the Local Authority and include senior representation from the fire and rescue service, the ambulance service, the highways authority, the police service and any other relevant organisation

  • Stewards

    It is vital that the event organiser maintains control throughout the entire event. This is normally achieved through the use of stewards

  • Traffic management and use of public highways

    Event organisers should liaise with the relevant highway or local authority to discuss the traffic management implications for any planned event.

  • Contact us

    Let us know about your event