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Leamington SNT secure Criminal Behaviour Order on prolific beggar

Leamington Town Centre SNT secured a Criminal Behaviour Order against a prolific street beggar this week, the 4th for the Town Centre aimed at tackling the amount of street begging in the town.

Leamington Magistrates Court granted the order against David White known locally as Ozzy.

This particular order prevents Mr White from the following

  1. Asking any member of the public for money.
  2. Place himself in such a way as to encourage people to give him alms, this includes but is not restricted to sitting on the pavement and in shop doorways in Leamington Spa.
  3. Place any hat,cup, or other item on the ground that may encourage people to give him money in Leamington Spa

A positive requirement of the order is to attend appointments with the Recovery Partnership.

This order will run until 30th June 2019.

Published 12/07/17