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Whitnash Crackdown

On 26 and 30 May and 7 and 15 June 2017, Warwickshire Police Special Constables focused on inconsiderate pavement parking and driving in Whitnash. Officers also targeted child seat safety issues, smoking and mobile phone offences as well as speeding concerns.

The 'Whitnash Crackdown' was in response to a need from the Leamington Safer Neighbourhood Team to concentrate on community priorities in the South Warwickshire town.

Special Constables concentrated on schools in the town at the start and the end of day and ticketed vehicles for inconsiderate/dangerous parking. Officers also carried out speeding checks in and around the town.

The feedback received by officers was that this high visibility approach had worked very well and that it could be the basis for future involvement in the town and across the district.