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National Specials Weekend (3-4 June 2017)

Warwickshire Police Special Constables supported this year's National Specials Weekend, carrying out policing duties across the county that were relevant to local needs, supported community issues and addressed neighbourhood concerns.

Officers launched National Specials Weekend on Friday evening, 2 June 2017, by undertaking patrols of burglary hotspots in South Warwickshire, seeking to prevent and deter crime in Earlswood, Wellesbourne and Southam, and targeting drugs, anti-social behaviour, car crime and burglaries in Atherstone and Polesworth in the north of the county.

Special Constables and colleagues from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service spoke to over 400 people as part of a driver safety event. Six tickets were issued to drivers for not wearing seatbelts.


A number of Special Constables attended the Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police Volunteers Conference at Hindlip Hall on Saturday, 3 June 2017, where they heard speakers present on drone technology, the forces' 'Looking to 2020 Vision' which seeks to protect people from harm, and received a force safety training demonstration.

Special Constables also assisted in a Special Constabulary recruitment assessment centre at Leek Wootton, supporting the written and group exercises, and facilitating the fitness tests that the 17 candidates underwent.

Throughout the day, officers addressed rural crime in South Warwickshire, making visits to local farms, providing advice on crime issues and carrying out speed checks.

Special Constables in Rugby worked with the local Safer Neighbourhood Team to perform car seat safety checks at Elliott's Field retail park, ensuring that the items were fitted safely, securely and legally, while providing advice and guidance to motorists.

In Leamington Spa, a team of Special Constables took part in evening foot and vehicle patrols to tackle drug issues.

In North Warwickshire, the Off-Road Bike Team carried out patrols throughout the day in and around Bedworth, Nuneaton and Rugby, focusing on anti-social behaviour caused by motorbikes, mini-motos and off-road motorcycles.


Special Constables again carried activities to tackle rural crime in South Warwickshire, and officers in the Warwick district focused on traffic offences and licensing issues. In and around Stratford upon Avon officers used patrols to target criminality, focusing on burglary.

Volunteers in Bedworth, Nuneaton and Rugby worked with local officers to prevent vehicle crime, with the Off-Road Bike Team on patrol around Kingsbury. Officers working in Nuneaton also dealt with domestics incident, a caravan fire, anti-social behaviour in Polesworth, a noise complaint in Kingsbury, as well as numerous vehicle checks.

At the end of the day North Warwickshire Special Constables' vehicle checks resulted in ten seizures for no tax or no insurance; two prohibition orders and 14 Traffic Offence Reports.

Over the course of National Specials Weekend, Special Constables in South Warwickshire carried out more than 400 hours of work across Alcester, Henley, Kenilworth, Shipston, Stratford upon Avon, Studley and Wellesbourne. This represents a 480% increase in duty hours logged over the weekend compared to last year.

This resulted in:
• 65 vehicles being stopped
• 33 drivers being breathalysed
• 2 drink-drive arrests
• 4 cars being seized
• 10 tickets being issued
• 9 Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme notices served
• 10 patrol jobs attended (including assistance with burglaries and anti-social behaviour)
• community reassurance patrols across the district.

More than 2,500 miles were covered by South Warwickshire Special Constables and more than 5,000 Automatic Number Plate Recognition reads were carried out.

Martin Jelley, Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police, said: "Special Constables play a key role in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, and enable Warwickshire Police to strengthen our relationships with the communities we serve. As volunteers they are a visible and accessible presence, providing reassurance, and tackling crime and its effects on local people and businesses. National Specials Weekend is an ideal opportunity, therefore, to highlight the work and dedication of our Special Constables, and to encourage people who want to make a difference to join the Special Constabulary".

For more information about Warwickshire Police Special Constabulary, or to apply to join, visit: