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Team Priorities

Alcester & Bidford Community Forum - SNT Priorities are set every three months.

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The latest Poll has now closed. Thank you to everyone that has voted. The top three suggestions will be adopted by the Team as Priorities for the next three months. The targetted patrols will be carried out inconjuction with the normal day to day work of The Team.

If you have any suggestions for the next Poll in June 2018, please let us know on

  1. 69 x Alcester South - Patrols to deter residential and business burglaries.
  2. 14 x Bidford Area - Patrols to deter and deal with ASB use of motor vehicles.
  3. 14 x Alcester South - Patrols to deter vehicle crime.
  • 13 x Alcester South - Patrols to deter poaching and coursing.
  • 08 x Alcester South - patrols and checks to deter unlicensed scrap collectors.