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Team Priorities

Alcester Police South SNT. Alcester & Bidford Community Policing Priorities Poll.

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The latest Poll has now closed and the results are shown below. Thank you to all those that voted. The three with the most votes will be chosen as a policing priority by the Team. This will be above the normal day to day work carried out by the team members.


  1. 174 x Luddington. Extra patrols to deter speeding & driving offences through the village area.
  2. 132 x The Graftons. Extra patrols to deter burglary offences.
  3. 127 x Alcester, Conway Estate. Extra patrols to deter and detect ASB and illegal drug use.
  • 126 x Bidford. Extra patrols in the High Street & Big Meadow areas, to deter ASB
  • 031 x Alcester. Extra patrols to deter shoplifting offences in the High Street and Precinct areas.
  • 019 x Alcester. Extra patrols in the St Faiths Road area during peak school times.
  • 017 x Alcester. Extra patrols in the Moorfields Road and Park area to deter ASB.