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Shipston Newsletter 17th May 2017

Here is our update of incidents and/or items of interest relating to the area covered by the Shipston Safer Neighbourhood Team.  If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone or email




Suspicious circumstances


A report was made on 08/05/2017  made relating to a property at Middlefield Lane, Newbold on Stour, Stratford upon Avon where three garden gates had been opened.  No items appear to have been take.  Incident report: WK20170508-0062


On 03/05/2017 at approximately 1700hrs a woman reported being followed as she walked along the woods at Meon Vale, Stratford upon Avon.  The male was described as white, between 20-25 of slim build, with light brown hair - wearing dark grey trousers, black jacket and with a black rucksack.  Incident report: WK20170503-0362


Vehicle crime


Between 0745hrs and 1900hrs on 15/05/2017 at Old Tree Lane, Upper Tysoe, Warwickshire a rear window was smashed on a parked vehicle.  No items reported stolen.  Incident report: WK20170515-0386


Between 1550hrs 03/05/2017 and 0605hrs 04/05/2017 at Compton Court, Shipston on Stour a motor vehicle had the driverside lock knocked through.  The glove box and other compartments were  searched.  Incident report: WK20170504-0030


Between 2200hrs and 2300hrs on 13/05/2017 at Shipston Sports Club, London Road, Shipston on Stour a black VW Golf was found to have dents and foot prints on it.  Incident report: WK20170514-0182


Anti-social behaviour


At approximately 2115hrs at Long Compton, Shipston on Stour a resident was walking her dog when a silver Renault Clip shaped car passed her.  The occupants, four lads,  threw eggs which covered her.  The vehicle continued out of Long Compton towards Chipping Norton direction.  Incident report: WK20170511-0436




At 1830hrs on 02/05/2017 at a farm in Epwell, Banbury two males with one dog and in a white van were seen crossxing the field.  When approached they were verbally abusive.  They drove off towards Shipston on Stour.  Incident report: WK20170502-0295


Theft - other


Between 0930hrs and 1045hrs on 16/05/2017 at Badgers Crescent, Shipston on Stour a number of items including a strimmer and two lawnmower decks were taken.  A bin of scrap metal was also emptied.  Incident report: WK20170516-0106


Between 1030hrs and 1530 hrs on 08/05/2017 at Weavers Close, Shipston on Stour a 'twisted hazel' was removed from a terracotta pot.  The plant was around 4/5ft in height.  Incident report: WK20170508-0289


Between 2100hrs 02/05/2017 and 1345hrs 03/05/2017 at Badgers Crescent, Shipston on Stour unknown offenders have taken a lawnmower and rotavator from a garden. Incident report: WK20170503-0189

If you have any information regarding the above item(s) or saw anything suspicious around the time of the offence(s) please contact the Shipston on Stour SNT on 01789 444670




Phone scams -  We show below some of the types of calls you may receive from 'scammers'. Please be aware that they will use all sorts of techniques and questions in order to get information from you. There are now a number of different services offered by telephone and broadband providers that can block and protect you from these nuisance calls. Contact your providers for further information.  The website for Action Fraud lists the difference types of fraud that has been used in the past.



1) Compensation calls


You may get calls from companies asking about car accidents you have had and offering you compensation. Some of these could be genuine companies looking for business but others will be scammers. Alternatively, you may have received calls about the mis-selling of PPI (payment protection insurance). Either way, don't engage with these callers directly and call your insurance company if you have had an accident and want to find out more about how to claim on your policy. If you have actually been mis-sold PPI, then check out our page on PPI and what to do.


2) The computer scam


A type of telephone fraud where scammers will call you claiming to be from the helpdesk of a well-known IT firm, such as Microsoft. They'll tell you that your computer has a virus and will charge you to upload 'anti-virus software'. This turns out to be spyware, which is used to get hold of your personal details. Never respond to an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming that your computer has a virus. If you receive a call like this, hang up straight away. Legitimate IT companies don't contact customers this way. Read our guide to staying safe online for more tips and advice.


3) Bank or HMRC scams


It's a common scam to be called by someone claiming to be from your bank and saying there's a problem with your card or account. They may ask for your account and card details, including your PIN number, and may offer to send a courier to collect your card from you so they can resolve the problem. They may also suggest transferring your money to a 'safe account' to protect it. If you get a call like this, hang up immediately, even if they try to persuade you that your card has been cloned or your money is at risk.


Or you may get a call from someone claiming to be from HMRC saying there is an issue with your tax refund or an unpaid tax bill. They may leave a message and ask you to call back. Don't ever call a number you haven't verified first - check your tax paperwork or online to get HMRC's actual number before calling them.


4) Number spoofing


Scammers now have the technology to mimic an official telephone number so it comes up on your caller ID display (if you have one on your phone). This can trick you into thinking the caller is really from a legitimate organisation, like a bank or utility company. Remember if you are in any doubt about whether or not the call is genuine, hang up and call the organisation directly on a different phone. If you're using the same phone, wait 10 minutes in case the scammers keep the line open.


5) Pensions and investment scams


You may get an unsolicited phone call about an 'unmissable' investment opportunity, or offering pension liberation and legal loopholes to access your pension cash earlier. Hang up on unsolicited calls like these. See our sections on pensions scams and investment scams for more information about these types of scams.


6) Anti-scam scams


You may get phone calls claiming to be from a charity supporting scam victims, a company selling anti-scam technology, or from someone demanding money to renew your Telephone Preference Service registration, which is actually free. Be wary of anyone asking you for money or financial details over the phone, and don't give them the information they ask for. You can check a charity's registration with the Charity Commission to find out if they are genuine.


Bogus traders

Beware of bogus traders

Bogus traders operating door-to-door will often take advantage of poor weather conditions to offer their services, including flooding and high winds, which may have caused damage to your property.

Otherwise they may try and point out 'problems' that don't actually exist. Such traders can be extremely persuasive and elderly and vulnerable people are often targeted. Low prices are quoted, but as the work starts the price tends to increase.

In most cases the work is done to a very poor standard, leaving the owner facing a second bill to have the work redone properly. They use a variety of sales pitches to get you to agree to having work done. These include suggesting that the property, if not repaired, will be dangerous and may cause additional problems to the structure of your home or putting a time restriction on the offer to hurry you into making a decision.

The work will normally be done immediately, before the householder changes their mind, and very often any information provided by the workmen (names, addresses, telephone numbers) are false, making them very hard to trace.

How to protect yourself from bogus traders:

  • don't be forced into making a quick decision on the doorstep

  • get at least three quotes from local reputable companies who have reputations to maintain, and if possible seek recommendations

  • only deal with firms with genuine verifiable telephone numbers and addresses - beware of companies that only use mobile phone numbers and accommodation addresses

  • anyone who signs a contract on the door step following a visit that was not arranged (unsolicited) does have 7 days in which to cancel it by law.

  • all cancellation rights must be provided in writing to the customer at the time the contract is agreed, usually on the doorstep - it is an offence not to do so

  • if you don't want to speak to the trader don't open your door to them - it can be hard to distinguish the good traders from the cowboys so it might be easier to keep the door closed

  • do not allow uninvited callers into your home

  • refuse to be taken to the bank to withdraw money - if you ever feel intimidated by them, close the door and call the police


    Warwickshire Trading Standards - Bogus Trader alerts

    10/05/2017 Compost seller warning Wood End and North Warwickshire

    Local residents are warned to beware of people selling bags of compost door to door. One resident is reported to have been offered two bags of compost and a garden ornament for £40. The caller claimed he worked for a local garden centre. The trader followed the resident in to their home and persuaded them to hand over £40 in cash. The resident was left with two bags of compost, but no ornament!

    Warwickshire Trading Standards advises residents not to buy at the door or over the phone from unexpected callers.

    10/05/2017 Bogus Police alarm sales Rugby

    Rugby and Warwickshire residents are warned to beware of unexpected phone calls from people falsely claiming to work for Warwickshire Police and selling alarms. The callers make appointments for salespeople to visit resident's homes.

    Warwickshire Police do not cold-call residents on the phone to sell alarm systems or sell alarms door to door.

    Over the years, lots of consumers have had problems with high pressure sellers, selling expensive home alarm systems that aren't  always what they are cracked up to be. Unfortunately the elderly and vulnerable are often targeted. Tactics employed by salesmen to sell expensive and unsuitable alarm systems include:

    The use of dubious crime/fire statistics, and tales of robbery and assault to scare householders in to buying.

    Telling the householder that new legislation will prevent them obtaining contents insurance if they do not have a monitored alarm. This is not true.
    Pretending to be calling on behalf of Trading Standards, Fire and Rescue Service, Police or Neighbourhood Watch in order to make their visit appear official.
    Offering free monitored alarms.

    The householder is told they have either won or been selected for an alarm. Although this may seem at first to be a tempting offer, what is not always made clear to householders who take up this offer is that they will have to pay a service charge to whichever company monitors the alarm system that is fitted - and this could be hundreds of pounds a year. Householders will also find themselves locked in to an agreement that could last several years and be required to pay for additional annual system check-ups. In all the cost of this 'free' alarm could be many thousands of pounds.

    Consumers who are considering purchasing an alarm system should not be rushed in to doing so on the door step, but should get at least three quotes from reputable companies.

    Make a scam/rogue trader complaint to Trading Standards via Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.

    Warwickshire Trading Standards Website Facebook Twitter

    Sign up to scam alerts at

    Avoid rogue traders. Use Warwickshire Trading Standards No Rogue Traders Here approved trader scheme



    Warwickshire Trading Standards - Bogus caller alerts

    15/05/2017 Bogus Telephone Preference Service call

    Fraudsters are again phoning Warwickshire residents claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Service and asking for credit and debit card details to subscribe to the service or renew the service.
    The Telephone Preference Service is a FREE service. The TPS will NEVER contact residents asking for any bank information.

    15/05/2017 Bogus 'BT caller'

    A residents reported receiving an unexpected phone call from someone claiming to be calling from BT to say that the resident had arrears on their landline. When the resident said they were a Virgin customer the caller then changed their tune and claimed to be calling from Virgin!
    Doubtless the fraudster was hoping to get the resident to pay their non-existent arrears to them by taking a debit or credit card payment down the phone!

    15/05/2017 Bogus Severn Trent caller

    Residents are warned to beware of unexpected calls from fraudsters claiming to be calling from Severn Trent. A Warwickshire householder received such a call but sensibly put the phone down. They later contacted Severn Trent who confirmed that the call was bogus.

    15/05/2017 American bogus HMRC caller

    A Warwickshire resident reported receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be from HMRC to say that they were taking a 'lawsuit' against him. The resident quickly spotted that it was a scam call and described the caller as having an American accent.

    A second resident received a similar phone call, this time an automated one. The automated 'HMRC' message told the resident that they should phone a number before legal action was taken against them. The resident phoned the number and spoke to some who claimed that a warrant had been issued for their arrest for non-payment of taxes!

    These bogus phone calls are known to HMRC which has issued some additional advice


    Police appeal for witnesses to robberies in South Warwickshire

    Warwickshire Police is investigating a number of robberies of business premises where weapons have been used to threaten staff.

    These incidents occurred in South Warwickshire between Sunday (14 May) and (16 May).

    Police received reports of four robberies across Stratford, Kenilworth and Southam. The first to be reported happened at One Stop on Drayton Avenue in Stratford at approximately 9:40pm on Sunday (see article).

    Further to this, police were called to a report on Monday (15 May) at 5:28am of a robbery at the Shell Service Station on the Banbury Road in Southam. A man, wearing a face mask, dark hooded top and dark trousers, entered the premises and threatened a member of staff with a baseball bat, he demanded money and then made off in an unknown direction. A customer was in the shop at the time of the incident but thankfully no one was injured.

    A third incident was reported to Warwickshire Police (Monday 15 May) at the Windy Arbour Post Office on Moseley Road in Kenilworth. It happened between 12:20pm and 12:24pm when two unknown people entered the premises and demanded money whilst making threats with a knife. The suspects left empty-handed after being challenged by the victim who has, in turn, sustained cuts to his hand and arm. It is believed that the two offenders made off along the Moseley Road towards the Worcester Road.

    An incident at Domino's on Leyes Lane in Kenilworth was reported to police in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday 16 May). At approximately 11.45pm two men entered the shop carrying weapons, believed to be a knife and a hammer, demanding staff to tell them where the safe is kept. The victims ran to a local premises to raise the alarm. Upon returning it was discovered that an amount of IT equipment had been taken.

    Detective Inspector Tim Sharp said, "A full investigation is underway to establish if these incidents are connected. The common theme is that the offenders are believed to be two white men in their late teens/early 20s, wearing dark clothing. We understand that this will be worrying to the public and I would reassure you that we are doing all we can to identify those involved and bring them to justice.

    "We urge anybody who may have witnessed any of the above incidents, or who may have seen any suspicious activity within the areas, to come forward by calling us."

    Should you have any information, please call Warwickshire Police on 101 quoting the following incident numbers:

    •    One Stop, Stratford - 446 of 14 May
    •    Shell Service Station, Southam - 36 of 15 May
    •    Windy Arbour Post Office, Kenilworth - 154 of 15 May
    •    Domino's, Kenilworth - 1 of 16 May

    Alternatively, you can give information without giving your name by contacting the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by visiting their website


Published 17/05/17