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Rugby Spring Fair

Four Special Constables attended Rugby Spring Fair at Whitehall Recreation Ground on 1 May 2017 to engage with the community and to provide reassurance and information, ensuring that everyone had a safe and enjoyable experience at the event.

Getting involved at Rugby Spring Fair 1
Ready for duty
In the past there have been serious issues at the Spring Fair, such as anti-social behaviour, which have put off families with young children from attending the event and enjoying the day.

Getting involved at Rugby Spring Fair 2
The next generation
The Special Constables also brought a police van to the fair, and this attracted queues of children who tried on police uniform and sat in the driver's seat to use the controls for the lights and the sirens. Some children also took the opportunity to shut their parents in the rear of the van and take pictures with the officers.

Getting involved at Rugby Spring Fair 3
Waiting for the call
The officers answered questions about what it was like working for the police, and about policing in the Rugby area. Police Cadets were also a topic of interest as parents were eager to find out when their children can join as they were keen to be involved with Warwickshire Police.

Special Sergeant Gilroy said: "The outcome of the event was a very positive one with no anti-social behaviour being reported or detected. Nobody went missing and the children and parents who engaged with the police were very happy and enjoyed meeting some of their local officers".

"12 traffic offence reports were issued to vehicles which had illegally parked along Bruce Williams Way, the road leading to Whitehall Recreation Ground, causing unnecessary obstruction of the highway and making it difficult for people to get in and out of the fair."

"During our time at the fair, one child reported another child had taken a five pound note from her and the offender was swiftly identified by two of the Special Constables and the money immediately returned with no complaints."

Having smelled cannabis coming from the event parking area, two of the Special Constables disrupted eight teenagers from smoking cannabis. The teenagers were stop searched under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act. As a result four wraps of cannabis, with an estimated value of approximately £30.00 were seized, along with two cannabis grinders.

Special Sergeant Gilroy said: "Everyone else had a really good day and no major issues were raised and, from a policing perspective, the event was a complete success".