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Special Constables pass Special Sergeant Promotion interviews

During the week commencing 1 May 2017 Warwickshire Police held Special Sergeant Promotion interviews. Officers interviewed six candidates and the interview panel reported that they were happy, enthusiastic and enjoyed volunteering for the Special Constabulary and wanted to achieve more.

Many of the candidates provided excellent answers to the questions posed by the panel and provided rationales to issues around the alliance's Code of Ethics. A number demonstrated real depth of knowledge around topics such as policing in the future and the forces' 'Looking to 2020 Vision' programme for protecting people from harm.

Special Deputy Chief Officer Katherine Hancock said: "The people who make up Warwickshire Police Special Constabulary come from all walks of life and bring with them a range of skills and abilities. Their work is underpinned by a commitment to protect the people of Warwickshire and it is heartening to see that the candidates enjoy their roles and want to achieve more".

"The success and future contributions of the five officers who have passed the Special Sergeant Promotions interviews will benefit not only the police force, but the people of Warwickshire as well. I congratulate all of them and wish them well in their new roles."

The officers who successfully passed the Special Sergeant Promotion interviews are:
• Special Constable Sarah Adams
• Acting Special Sergeant Karl Legg
• Special Constable Samuel Leighton
• Special Constable Anthony Miles
• Special Constable John-Paul Nelson.

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