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Special Constable supports officers in road traffic collision

Warwickshire Police officers, including a Special Constable, attended a road traffic collision in Bishop's Itchington after a motorcycle collided with car on Sunday, 7 May 2017.

An Army Medic, who was also at the scene, assisted with the rider of the motorcycle. An officer took over control of the casualty's head and a paramedic then worked on the casualty, clearing his airway and carrying out life-saving interventions.

Two police officers, along with a fire officer and ambulance technician, attended to the pillion passenger who had sustained severe injuries. The driver of the car was found in shock and with some minor impact injuries.

The Special Constable took on the important role of carrying out the scene log to record events and personnel at the scene, which is essential to the investigation. The Special Constable provided a very good record, according to the senior investigating officer, considering he had never done this before.

Officers regarded the incident as a difficult one to manage and the injuries extremely difficult to treat at the scene.

At a debrief following the incident it was felt that the three services had worked well together, securing the scene and providing the best possible care and treatment to the motorcycle casualties, who were airlifted from the scene to separate hospitals. The driver was in a critical condition and the pillion passenger was recovering from their injuries.

The Police Constable who dealt with the casualty and the paramedic who saved the life of the motorcyclist both received praise.

Sergeant Carl Beaumont said: "I was massively impressed with the actions of all persons in attendance but particularly my own Operational Policing Unit and the local policing team officers, who got stuck in with the casualty care, and securing the scene for us to work in. The LPA officers did exactly what I asked of them, which made my job a lot easier, my personal thanks to all".