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Alcester Police South SNT. Latest Report. Sunday 19th March 2017

Incidents of note from the last week....

Alcester Police South SNT. Latest Report. Sunday 19th March 2017

Hello all,

This is our latest report and prompt to see if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns for the Alcester Police South Safer Neighbourhood Team. Thank you to those that have contacted us this week.

Incidents of note:-


  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Alauna Avenue, Alcester. White van believed to be involved in previous thefts seen in the Avenue, driving slowly and looking at houses. The driver was a white male. Last three letters of registration is 'HBA'. Full details passed to police. Area search made by police but van not found. 6.10pm Friday 17th March. 0325 17/03/2017
  • *Found Property. Alne Bank Road, Alcester. Silver Pedal Cycle found near to garage. Collected by police and is currently at Alcester Police Office. Friday 17th March. 0158 17/03/2017
  • *Road Incident. St Faiths Road, Alcester. Obstruction of garages and parking spaces being caused by local school traffic. Regular occurrence at school dropping off and picking up times. SNT will monitor the situation. Wednesday 15th March. 0285 15/03/2017
  • *Vehicle Crime - Theft from. Ten Acres. Chainsaws, leaf blower and hedge trimmer stolen from works van. It is believed the offenders were three males in a Silver Freelander with a registration number ending in 'DXU'. Full details passed to police. Afternoon of Wednesday 15th March. 0224 15/03/2017
  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Alne Bank Road, Alcester. Males from a Silver Freelander seen to approach works van and look inside. On seeing the secure padlock on the van it seems the males then drove off. 1.25pm Wednesday 15th March. 0212 15/03/2017. This will be the same vehicle and males involved in the theft from Ten Acres and also a theft at The Washford Mill.
  • *Theft. Alauna Avenue, Alcester. Theft of four alloy wheels from front of house. Offender was in a white van with a registration number ending in 'HBA'. Full details passed to police by witnesses. 5am Wednesday 15th March. 0071 15/03/2017
  • *Damage. Hopkins Precinct, Alcester. Kitchen window of premises found smashed. Found on the morning of Monday 13th March. 0137 13/03/2017


  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Farm premises, Alcester Heath. A Blue vehicle with the last three letter 'AAN' seen in suspicious circumstances at the farm. Vehicle drove off as it was approached by member of the public. No offences disclosed. 1.10pm Monday 13th March. 0202 13/03/2017


  • *Suspicious Circumstances X 2. Oversley Green. Silver Peugeot Estate seen on two occasions in the Oversley Green area. On both occasions the occupants have said that they were looking for a dog. Vehicle possible contained three males all together. The last three letters of the car is 'DFE'. Full details passed to police and enquiries ongoing. Morning of Saturday 18th March. 0161 18/03/2017


  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Wixford. Doors to property found open on two occasions when the occupant returned to the house. Nothing stolen. During the day a Black Mercedes Estate was also seen in the area which seemed to be suspicious, although the two occurrences cannot be linked. No offences disclosed. Thursday 16th March. 0271 16/03/2017


  • *Anti Social Behaviour. High Street, Bidford. Group of youths in the street, playing loud music and being abusive to passers by. On going problem. Group spoken to by police, advised regarding their behaviour and dispersed. 8.30pm Friday 17th March. 0388 17/03/2017
  • *Suspicious Circumstances. The Bank, Bidford. Male going door to door selling paintings. The man showed a piece of paper which said that he was "Deaf and Dumb". 3.40pm Thursday 16th March. 0257 16/03/2017
  • *Damage. St Laurence Way, Bidford. Small side window in Audi TT car smashed. At the time a group of young males in school uniform were walking passed. Descriptions passed to police and further enquiries being made. 3.30pm Monday 13th March. 0316 13/03/2017
  • *Damage. High Street, Bidford. A group of youths have 'built' a den close to the fence of a private property. As a result two wooden struts have been damaged. On going problem. SNT will be monitoring the situation. 4pm Sunday 12th March. 0326 12/03/2017


  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Banbrook Road, Salford Priors. Male going door to door selling books. The male indicated that he was deaf. 5.30pm Thursday 16th March. 0336 16/03/2017


  • *Burglary Other. Hotel, Abbots Salford. Two males have gained entry to the front of the hotel and have stolen money from the reception area. Offenders described as two white males, aged in their 40's, both wearing caps. 4.25am Sunday 19th March. 0092 19/03/2017


  • *Anti Social Behaviour. Ardens Grafton. Scrambler bikes seen riding on private land causing a nuisance. 2pm Saturday 19th March. 0237 18/03/2017


  • *Suspicious Circumstances. Temple Grafton. Males in a Silver / Blue car, possibly a Subaru seen on private land. Occupants said they were looking to but dog food. 10am Saturday 18th March. 0159 18/03/2017
Published 20/03/17