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Protect 2016

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The spotlight is on us. Why not take a look?

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of officers and staff at Warwickshire Police might be like, or the sort of work which goes on every single day in your community?

We want you to have a real insight into how the police operate where you live and see the work we do 24/7 to keep you and your family safe. So, for 10 days this autumn we are opening the window on policing.

Protect 2016 starts on Friday 28 October and for the following 10 days we will be showcasing our work. From the execution of arrest warrants to web chats with senior officers and crime prevention events, the full spectrum of modern-day policing will be on show for all to see.  

Police-themed movies and TV documentaries might give a very exciting and dramatic picture of the role of the police but they rarely show the variety of work officers and staff do each and every day. For example, whilst carrying out an arrest is one action we can take it is not by any means the only way we respond to incidents and crimes in our communities.  

One of the highlights of Protect 2016 will be a 24-hour "". Starting at 7am on Friday 28 October both Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police will be tweeting an anonymised outline of every single report made to both forces via 999 and 101. The aim is to demonstrate the variety of calls received - many may not be what you would expect.

To enable day-to-day business to continue on our normal Twitter feed we have set up a new account for the Tweetathon. To join in please follow @warkspolice1 or keep an eye on what's unfolding with #OpProtect.

Other events we will be highlighting during Protect 2016 include:

  • Rural crime prevention events
  • Community surgeries
  • Child sexual exploitation talks at schools
  • Bicycle safety events
  • Live Facebook chats with officers
  • Firework safety school visits
  • Visits to vulnerable communities
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) operations
  • Halloween anti-social behaviour patrols
  • Arrest warrants
  • Licensing checks

Keep checking our website and follow #OpProtect for more updates throughout Protect 2016, and beyond.

You can help protect our community too. Find out about jobs and opportunities, including becoming a Special Constable, here.