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A guide for parents of children and young people who have got into trouble online

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Lucy Faithfull guide
The Lucy Faithfull Foundation has developed a guide to help parents whose children have got into trouble online.

The guide states:

"We know how hard it is for parents and carers when their child gets into trouble online, either through inappropriate or illegal behaviour. We talk to numerous families on our Helpline who are in this very situation and we have learnt that there isn't a lot of information or help available for families needing to come to terms with what has happened.

"The internet, mobile phones, portable tablets and internet enabled gaming devices have become an integral part of everyday social and working lives. Our children are experiencing the World Wide Web from a young age and although these advances in technology offer a wealth of opportunity, they can also pose risks to our children.

"This guide is designed to answer some of the immediate questions you may have after learning about something that is happening, or has happened, in your child's online life. This could be that they have been viewing adult pornography, or have an unhealthy interest in accessing adult material. It could be that your child has sent a naked picture of themselves to someone else or posted it online and is struggling with the consequences, or it could be that your child has been arrested by the police for viewing sexual images of people under 18.

"Our experience tells us that parents and carers receive little or no help to understand what has happened and why, as well as little guidance on how they can talk to their child about it and help prevent it from happening again -we hope this guide will help you think about some of these issues.

"At any time you can call The Lucy Faithfull  Helpline on 0808 1000 900 to talk to an operator about what is happening to your family. Our operators are experienced in this area and calls are completely anonymous."