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Stan Williams Court Summer Fete

Summer Fete fun at Stan Williams Court give support to residents…

Do the courts cater for victims with a disability?

The court buildings have access for disabled people; for example lifts, ramps to entrances and toilets, hearing loops and disabled parking. In the court itself the witness stand can be made specially accessible as required. However, we do request that you advise a member of the The Victim and Witness Service Centre prior to attending court so arrangements can be put in place.…

How long will I be at court for?

Unfortunately we cannot say how long your evidence will take, although the court will try to keep your attendance to a minimum. Once you have given your evidence you will be released from the court. We would advise you bring a book and some refreshments with you, should you have to wait, however light refreshments are available to buy within most court buildings. …

What time do the courts open?

Crown Court is open to the public from 9am until 5pm each weekday but court normally starts at 10.00am. Magistrates Court buildings are usually open half an hour before the first hearing starts each day at 10am.…