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Find out more about stop and search

As part of Warwickshire Police Vision and Values, we are committed to protecting people from harm; stop and search is a vital tool enabling us to do that.

Stop and search is a powerful tool in the prevention and detection of crime and the primary purpose of stop and search powers is to enable officers to allay or confirm suspicions about individuals carrying unlawful items, without exercising their power of arrest, where the officer has reasonable grounds for carrying out a search.

The primary role of the police is to uphold the law and maintain the Queen's peace.  Fair, lawful, and necessary stop searches enable us to do this.

All stops and searches must be carried out in line with the rules set out in Code A of the Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and in accordance with the principles provided by the Police Code of Ethics: accountability, fairness, honesty, integrity, leadership, objectivity, openness, respect and selflessness.

All 43 police forces in England and Wales have voluntarily signed up to the Home Office Best Use of Stop & Search Scheme, and have also committed to providing more transparency regarding community scrutiny of complaints and provide opportunities for members of the public to observe police patrol activity on force 'ride-along' schemes.