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Special Constables' profiles

Special Constables come from every walk of life: mechanics, doctors, managers, marketing directors, insurance brokers, mortgage advisers, criminal investigators, students, television presenters, teachers, musicians. to name just a few. The profiles of Warwickshire Police Special Constables below indicate their experiences, their roles away from the police, and how volunteering benefits them.

  • Role Profile: Sian Atkins, Special Constable

    When you speak to Sian Atkins about policing and the Special Constabulary, there are an obvious passion and an enthusiasm that come across in her replies: "I love being a Special Constable: I can't think of anything better to do. I could eat, sleep and breathe it," she says.

  • Role Profile: Liam, Special Constable

    Serving as a Special Constable since August 2016, Liam is stationed at Greys Mallory Patrol Base in Warwickshire. Outside of the police, Liam works in a department store.

  • Role Profile: Kyle, Special Constable

    Kyle is a Warwickshire Police Special Constable who began training in May 2016 and has been stationed in Atherstone since August 2016. Outside the police Kyle is an electrical estimator, working specifically on lighting and surge protection.

  • Role Profile: Ben, Special Constable

    Ben is a Special Constable who volunteers for Warwickshire Police. He has been based at Greys Mallory Patrol Base since August 2016. Outside of the police he works as a waiter and actor.

  • Role Profile: Anthony, Special Constable

    Anthony believes that being a Special Constable puts him in a position where he can help people.

  • Role Profile: Vincent, Special Inspector

    For Vincent his voluntary work as a Special Inspector is exciting, challenging and has helped him develop communication and teamwork skills.

  • SamRole Profile: Sam, Special Constable

    Role Profile: Sam, Special Constable

    For Sam, being a Special Constable means he can do something that is challenging, extraordinary, that builds on his skill set, improves his employability, and gives something back to society.

  • Role Profile: Ben, Roads Policing Officer

    Ben has been a Special Constable for 20 years with Warwickshire Police. His passion is trying to keep the roads of his home county safer...

  • Role Profile: Kimberley, Special Constable

    After a decade serving her local Warwickshire town, Kimberley is as keen as ever to volunteer as a Special Constable and make a difference...