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Narrowboat crime prevention advice

Narrowboat theft

Tips to consider

  • Car alarms are based on 12VDC operation and so are the majority of our boats. Therefore a good quality alarm system, appropriately advertised, can be a deterrent to a casual thief. Top units will message owners of security breach.
  • GPS trackers are also a deterrent as the most sophisticated units can automatically inform you and the police if your boat moves for any reason.
  • Disable your engine.
  • Chain your boat to an appropriate mooring whilst in urban areas. This deters those that wish to cast off the boat. Usually considered by the perpetrators as a harmless prank, this can be quite distressing if you are the victim.
  • If it's not possible to use chain or steel rope and a padlock, try heavy-duty nylon cable ties.
  • Used close to bollards and T studs to clamp ropes together, these ties can be very effective at preventing casual casting off.
  • Fit window guards and bars across entrance doors. An extreme modification maybe, but some owners decide is necessary.
  • Upgrade all locks to the best quality available and secure hatches and doors with heavy duty internal hasps.
  • Use cylinder padlocks, such as high security van types, which are harder to casually pick than conventional keyed padlocks.
  • Fit CCTV.
  • Fit PIR activated security lighting.
  • Fit a locking fuel tap or a tank alarm. There may be a few hundred pounds worth of fuel in your tank!
  • Don't leave valuable kit on the roof. Thieves rarely break in for it; it's often 'lifted' from the roof or deck.
  • Chain up bicycles. Just because they are on your roof or deck does not make them impossible to steal.

In an emergency please call 999, otherwise please call 101 (the national police non emergency number).