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Immobilise property register

Immobilise property register

What is Immobilise? - it is a free online asset register (database) of owned property. It is linked to the police database and missing property can be flagged as lost or stolen by the account owner and it immediately updates records accessible to the police. The database is approved and has the Secure By Design licence approved by the National Police Chief's Council.

Who can use it?

  • It can be used by anyone to create an online record of their valuable property including business and educational establishments as it creates an asset register - it is useful to everyone if property should be stolen or lost in a fire as the information can be used to aid police and provide information to insurance companies.
  • What can be registered? Anything with a uniquely identifiable reference(e.g. an IMEI number/serial number/frame number/ chassis number/identifying tag).
  • Also any property uniquely coded using UV pens, SmartWater or other DNA marking systems. Unique barcoded stickers can also be used.
  • How do the police gain access?The police have access to encrypted scanners that are used when property comes into their possession (e.g. execution of a search warrant orsearch on or after arrest).
  • The scanner checks the database to see if the property is stolen and if this is the case they can contact the account holder.
  • Visit where you can register and set up your account.
  • In an emergency please call 999, otherwise please call 101 (the national police non emergency number).