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Suspicious markings

Police have been receiving calls in relation to suspicious markings being left outside properties in Bedworth.

The markings have been appearing overnight and in all 7 current cases the paint itself is luminous therefore glowing in the dark once the street lights have gone out.

Over past few years there have been numerous articles within the national press referring to these type of symbols which have been named 'da pinchi codes'.

These type of codes and symbols are being left outside properties indicating different things about the property and/or its occupants, for example:

Occupants on holiday

Expensive vehicle

Vulnerable occupant


Burgled before

Has a dog

Good target

plus many more.

Markings found on Monday 3/8/15 and Tuesday 4/8/15 in Bedworth have been left on the road - not path - the path is where professionals would mark, e.g. Water, Electricity, local council etc and were in pink and green paint.

Bedworth SNT are asking people to be vigilant with their homes and property, if you notice any markings appear then please call the Police and report it.

If you have a house alarm - use it.

If you have been meaning to install security lights and/or CCTV cameras then now is the time to do it.

And lastly - if you see somebody placing these marking please contact Police immediately - taking any make, model, colour and registration down if possible - without putting yourself in any danger.

Thank You

Bedworth SNT

Published 04/08/15