Find out below how to apply for or renew a firearm, shotgun or explosives certificate. Whether you’re a firearm owner, firearm dealer, shooting club member or planning to travel with firearms, answer a few quick questions and we’ll guide you to the right form and everything you need to complete it.

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Renew a firearm and shotgun certificate

How do I apply?

You can apply online or by post.

Whichever one you choose you will need to have read the guidance notes before making your application.  

How much does it cost?

It costs £65.

Please note: If you apply online your payment will also be an online payment, we can't accept cheques with an online application. 


How long does it take?

It can take up to eight weeks to grant a new certificate.


You'll need the following to complete your application (either by post or online)

Your contact details, including:

  • email address
  • phone number
  • work contact details (if not unemployed or retired)
  • previous addresses if you haven’t lived at your current address for more than five years 

Health and medical information:

  • details of any relevant conditions you have which need to be disclosed (you’ll find a list of those in the guidance notes)
  • your GP or practice address, postcode and phone number
  • previous GP or practice information if you haven’t been registered with your current GP or practice for ten years or more
  • if, during the last ten years, there have been times when you haven’t been registered with a GP or practice in the UK, we’ll need to know about this and will ask why this was and if there is any information you can give us about this, for example if you’re in the armed services and were posted abroad

Details about any offences or written cautions (including speeding but not parking offences or fixed penalty notices):

  • details of the offence, including the date (month and year)


Details about the firearm(s), shotgun(s) and ammunition you own and intend to acquire:

  • calibre, type, make, serial number and reason for having the firearm(s)
  • calibre and quantity of ammunition
  • security arrangements - how and where the firearm(s) will be stored, whether the arrangements are shared (and, if they are, the details of who they are shared with)


The details of two referees you've known for more than two years, including:

  • their date and place of birth
  • their occupation
  • contact details

Please note: referees can't be a member of your family, a serving police officer or staff, or a registered firearms dealer. Background checks will be completed on all applicants and referees, this may include multi agency checks. By submitting your application you are consenting to other agencies sharing your information with the police.


  • one passport-style photo which is no larger than 1MB in size and is a .jpg/.jpeg


  • credit or debit card details to make your online payment


Apply online

Step 1: Complete the online version of the form.

Step 2: Upload your photo with your application.

Step 3: Make your payment online.

The form will take about 20 minutes to complete and you won't be able to save your application as you go, so it will need to be done in one sitting. 

Click the 'Start' button below to start your online application.

Renew by post  

Step 1: Download the firearm certificate application form (Form 201).

Step 2: Print, complete and sign the form.

Step 3: Attach one passport-style photo (45mm high x 35mm wide).

Step 4: Make out a cheque or postal order for £65 payable to Warwickshire PCC.

We can't accept cash.

Step 5: Post your completed form and cheque or postal order to:

Firearms Licensing Unit
Warwickshire Police
PO Box 4
Leek Wootton
CV35 7QA


What happens after I apply?

We'll get in touch as quickly as possible if we have any questions about your application or need to ask for more information.

Otherwise, we'll contact you within six weeks.