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Burglaries at premises in London Road & Coventry Road, Dunchurch

Burglary, London Road & Coventry Road, Dunchurch

  • Incident number: 5 of 7 September & 121 of 6 September
  • Date: 05/09/2017 - 07/09/2017

Please be aware of the following incidents, which have occurred at premises in Dunchurch over recent days:

Incident 5 of 7 September - at midnight on 7 September, two offenders entered the secure compound of a business premises in London Road, Dunchurch after climbing over a gate.

The offenders carried out a search of the area before throwing a car battery over the gate, climbing over the gate and making off.

Incident 121 of 6 September - During the night of 5 into 6 September, offenders entered an allotment site in Coventry Road, Dunchurch after cropping the padlock off the gate.  The offenders then attempted to crop the lock off a shed and then smashed the hasp off the door.  Once inside the shed, the offenders the offenders cropped the chains securing the tools and made off with a quantity of gardening tools.