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Incidents at business premises across Warwickshire

Other crime, Warwickshire

  • Incident number: Various
  • Date: 04/09/2017

Please be aware of the following incidents, which have occurred at business premise, across Warwickshire, over recent days:

Incident 101 of 28 August - Warwick:  Between 6pm on 25 August and 9am on 28 August, offenders smashed the glass in the front door of a business premises in Tachbrook Park, Warwick and entered the building.  Once inside, the offenders attempted to force open a locked interior wooden door and failed so smashed a large armoured glass window, to enter a showroom.  The offenders carried out a search of the showroom before making off with several items.

Incident 44 of 30 August - Rugby:  Between 2 and 4am on 30 August, offenders dug under fencing at a business premises in Technology Drive, Rugby and then entered the yard.  The offenders then jemmied open a door into the building and carried out a search.  Nothing appears to have  been stolen.

Incident 61 of 30 August - Atherstone:  During the night of 29 into 30 August, offenders entered a business premises in Carlyon Road, Atherstone by forcing open the main wood and steel door, breaking the locks.  Once inside the building, the offenders carried out a search of all the offices and stole a quantity of cash.

Incident 49 of 30 August - Rugby:  At around 4.30am on 30 August, an offender waited on the forecourt of a service station north of Rugby until a staff member opened the door to take something outside.  The offender then forced the staff member back inside the building, grabbing hold of the staff member.

The staff member struggled and smashed into shelving and the offender held him down and removed a car key from his pocket.

The offender stole alcohol and cigarettes and concealed them in a bag before making off in the staff members vehicle.  The vehicle was later involved in a collision and the offender made off.

A witness called at the service station, found the staff member and called an ambulance for him to be taken to hospital, where he was found to have minor injuries.

Incident 46 of 31 August - Kenilworth:  During the night of 30 into 31 August, offenders forced open a small window at an estate agents premises in Warwick Road, Kenilworth and entered the premises.  The offenders then search an office and stole cash from a cash tin.

Incident 122 of 2 September - Ryton on Dunsmore:  Between 3.20 and 4.20am on 2 September, offenders broke into a business premises in Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore, through a window into a workshop.  Once inside, the offenders carried out a search of the premises and stole 2 car batteries.  They then returned to the workshop and drove a vehicle at the shutter doors, causing damage to several vehicles and the doors.  The vehicle was later recovered from a nearby field.

Incident 3 of 2 September - Ryton on Dunsmore:  At around 2.20am on 2 September, offenders forced open the fire exit to a business premises in Leamington Road, Ryton on Dunsmore and then entered the bar area to tamper with tills.  The offenders made off, having left a beer tap running, causing damage to a ceiling.

Incident 75 of 1 September - Atherstone:  At just after 7.30am on 1 September, offenders jemmied open the rear fire door of a business premises in Fourways, Atherstone and carried out an untidy search of the premises.  The offenders caused damage to tills and childrens toy machines before making off.