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Warwickshire Business Watch Bulletin - 17 May 2017

Other, Warwickshire

  • Incident number: Various
  • Date: 17/05/2017

Please be aware of the following incidents, which have occurred at business premises, across Warwickshire, over recent days:

Incident 404 of 14 May - Exhall:  At just after 8pm on 14 May, offenders forced open the lower panel of a UPVC door at a business premises on Bayton Road Industrial Estate and then entered the building.  Once inside, the offenders smashed through a glass internal door and carried out a search of the premises.  Other glass doors were smashed before the intruder alarm sounded and the offenders fled.  It is not clear if anything was stolen.

Incident 487 of 12 May - Dunchurch:  At around 11.30pm on 12 May, offenders entered a grounds of a business premises on London Road, Dunchurch, on foot from a bridleway at the rear.  They then used an implement to force open a wooden door to a toilet block and then broke through a wall and into the main part of the building.  Damage was caused to the wall but the offenders quickly made off, leaving tools behind.  It is believed that they made off in a dark VW Golf vehicle with a registration similar to J19 N*J, towards the M45 and Daventry.

Incident 39 of 15 May - Stretton on Dunsmore:  During the night of 14 into 15 May, offenders entered the secure compound of a business premises in London Road, Stretton on Dunsmore, after climbing over fencing and on to large wheelie bins.  Once on site, the offenders opened an insecure cabinet and removed a number of jerry cans, which were left nearby.  They then smashed the window of a black VW Passat vehicle and stole a wheel brace, spare wheel and locking wheel nut and used them to steal all four wheels from the vehicle.

Incident 47 of 15 May - Rugby:  At around 8pm on 14 May, offenders entered the compound of a business premises in Consul Road, Rugby and then smashed a window to get inside the main building.  Once inside, the offenders activated the intruder alarm and quickly made off.

Incident 12 of 17 May - Shilton:  At just before 1am on 17 May, offenders climbed on to a wheelie bin at a business unit on Shilton Industrial Estate and then climbed up to a window.  The offenders then smashed the window and climbed into the building.  Once inside, they carried out a search before making off with numerous items.

Incident 344 of 16 May - Nuneaton:  At around 7pm on 16 May, 5 to 6 males, armed with machetes, entered an insecure business premises in Tennant Street, Nuneaton and assaulted the business owner.  The offenders left the premises with the keys to a Mercedes vehicle and an IPhone 7 but did not steal the vehicle.

The offenders are described as all black males, all wearing masks and gloves, all around 5ft 6in tall with slim builds and they spoke with Coventry accents.

Incident 253 of 15 May - Nuneaton:  At around 3.30pm on 15 May, two male offenders entered the car park of a business premises on Attleborough Fields Industrial Estate, Nuneaton in a white Transit van.  They then manoeuvred the van and reversed it back into a wall, causing damage to the brickwork.

The males in the van then got out and began kicking at the door of the building.  At this point, another vehicle arrived and turned around on the car park before leaving and the offenders left the scene.  The second vehicle then returned and a male got out and tried the door handle before making off.  The offenders failed to get inside the building and nothing was stolen.

Incident 58 of 16 May - Napton:  Between 12.30pm on 13 and 8.45am on 16 May, offenders removed the exterior bars of a window at a business premises in Brickyard Road, Napton and then smashed the window to get inside the building.  Once inside, the offenders broke open internal doors and forced the lock of the exterior shutter doors and a courtyard gate.

Property including computer equipment, tools and a large quantity of white and red diesel was then loaded on to a vehicle and driven off.

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