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Freedom of Information and Data Protection

As a publicly-funded organisation, Warwickshire Police is committed to meeting the spirit and the letter of both the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) and Data Protection Act. These govern the way we handle and publish data about our own organisation and you as an individual.

Compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act is enforced by the Information Commissioner.

What Information Do We Publish?

You can view a guide to our publication scheme and also find a listing of further information we have published in relation to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act in our Publication Scheme Section

Get Started

Use the sections below to help you decide whether the information you want is covered by Freedom of Information or Data Protection.

Find Information About Policing Find Information About Yourself
Provides information about Warwickshire Police, who does what, how the force is performing, our finances, policies and procedures and how you can request other information about the force.
Link to Freedom on Information section
For information that the force may hold about you, including your right of access to information under Data Protection, how you can obtain it and what measures that we take to safeguard the data that we hold
Link to Data Protection and Subject Access

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