Warwickshire Police


SNT officer and member of the public  

Tackle the problems and the people that cause you harm

Your local Safer Neighbourhood Team will work with you and local partners to identify and solve issues of concern in your community and tackle people who cause the most harm.

Police car in transit  

Patrol locally and respond to your incident

Officers will provide visible patrols, focusing on areas of the county most affected by crime and disorder. We will respond to incidents according to the risk of harm.

Forensic officer examining a window  

Investigate your crime

We will carry out a professional investigation to identify those responsible. You will have an identified person to carry out the whole of your investigation.

Members of the workforce in discussion  

Provide you with best value

We will ensure that our services deliver the best value for you.

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How you can contact us

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If there is a crime in progress or life is at risk, call 999 or 112 (the European emergency number).

If the matter is urgent or a local policing priority, but not an emergency, call 01926 415000.

If your call is not an emergency or priority, call 01926 415000 to make an appointment.

Not sure what service you need? Call 01926 415000 and we will provide the right response or direct you to the right organisation