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This Order can run for up to three years and can include one or more of the following:-

  • Unpaid work unusually of between 40 and 300 hours
  • Activity which could range from day centre attendance to education and basic skills assessment and training to reparation to victims or persons affected by the offending.
  • Programme which is designed to address attitudes and behaviour that contribute to offending
  • Prohibited Activity examples of which can include prohibition from communicating with any minor without approval (from the responsible officer) for up to three years.
  • Curfew where the offender must remain at a specified place for certain periods of between 2 and 12 hours in one day for a maximum of six months. This includes electronic monitoring.
  • Exclusion where an offender may not enter a specified place or places for a period of up to two years. This includes electronic monitoring.
  • Residence where an offender must reside at a place specified by the Court which is either a private address or approved hostel.
  • Mental Health Treatment where an offender is required to undergo treatment by or under the direction of a medical practitioner and/or chartered psychologist with a view to the improvement of the offenders mental condition.
  • Drug Rehabilitation where there is a requirement of at least six months to have treatment to reduce or eliminate dependency on or propensity to misuse drugs, and to be regularly tested for drug use.
  • Alcohol Treatment where there is a requirement of a least six months during which the offender is required to attend treatment (residential or non-residential) with a view to reducing or eliminating dependency on alcohol.
  • Supervision which requires the offender to attend regular appointments to promote rehabilitation which requires work with the offender to change attitudes and behaviour for example:
    • Monitor and review patterns of behaviour
    • Increase motivation
    • Provide practical support to increase compliance with other requirements
    • Support and reinforce learning
    • Deliver pre and post work for accredited programmes
  • Attendance Centre where the offender must attend an attendance centre for 12 to 36 hours with a maximum of three hours per attendance (18 – 24 year olds only).