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IMPACT logoThe IMPACT Nominal Index (INI), a new tool available to local police officers which will help them share information more effectively about people, with other police forces has been delivered by a Home Office led programme. It was developed in response to a number of recommendations made by Sir Michael Bichard following the murders of Cambridgeshire schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Soham.

The INI is in effect a list of names and corresponding dates of birth of individuals who are named in police records for a variety of reasons. The INI will enable an officer in Warwickshire Police to establish whether any other force in England and Wales holds information about a person of interest, or even whether that person is also being investigated by another force.

This application therefore provides a much faster and more efficient access point to information which is vital in helping the fight against crime, particularly in time critical situations such as a kidnap. The end benefit is safer communities as the ability to share information between forces will reduce the likelihood of criminals escaping detection across force boundaries.

IMPACT, the programme that has developed the product, has a wider vision. Whilst the launch of the INI is a significant step forward and provides officers with additional capability, it is only the first step on the journey that will transform police information sharing and linking.

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