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Harm on Warwickshire's roads

In Warwickshire 7 times as many people are killed as a result of a road collision than as a result of murder, or manslaughter. **

On average, 31 people die each year as a result of a road collision. The victim's family and friends will face many years of distress and some will never fully recover from their loss. A further 285 people are seriously injured, with many of those suffering life-long pain or fear. **

Major collisions frustrate travel plans, increase safety fears and damage our sense of well being. They cause significant commercial loss to businesses and individuals, with hundreds of vehicles which people rely on for their mobility and livelihood being damaged beyond use.

This harm happens to road users and communities in Warwickshire and these people look to Warwickshire Police to protect and reassure them.

** Warwickshire Casualty Figures 2008 to 2012.

Click here to download the Force's Road Safety Strategy.

(The Strategy is currently being reviewed as a result of the Force's evolving strategic alliance with West Mercia Police. In the interim the Force continues to aspire to protect road users from harm on Warwickshire's roads in accordance with the general approach outline in the existing strategy, however some aspects of the delivery mechanisms have been, or will be, subject to change).

The partnership approach to protecting road users

In almost every collision the root cause and severity are the result of some facet of human behaviour or motivation. These can generally be influenced by a blend of the 3 E’s:

These diverse elements encompass a range of disciplines that require a multi-agency approach to deliver sustainable collision reduction interventions. This is realised through the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership (WRSP) and the Warwickshire and West Mercia Police Safer Roads Partnerships.

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Camera Enforcement Information

As requested by the Department for Transport Warwickshire Police has published the number of prosecutions arising from each permanent or long term temporary fixed camera site for 2010.

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