Warwickshire Police


Vision and Values

A strategic alliance has been formed between Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police in order to enable both forces to meet the challenge of reducing policing budgets. By working more closely together the forces will benefit from greater operational and organisational resilience.

To facilitate joint working, the forces have developed a new shared vision and set of values. These provide a unified purpose for the two organisations and a clear direction to our workforce and our stakeholders how the forces will operate.


Protecting people from harm


We will:

  • Take pride in our professionalism and standards of behaviour
  • Listen and engage
  • Use professional judgement and be courageous in making decisions
  • Seek out better ways of working
  • Lead with confidence and do the right thing
  • Work in partnership to provide the best service we can

The vision and values will form the basis of the alliance’s developing organisational culture – a set of shared attitudes, goals, practices and aspirations.